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44 drum set solos
  • SPOTLIGHTS complete
  • SPOTLIGHTS complete
  • SPOTLIGHTS complete
  • SPOTLIGHTS complete

Drum set solos by Soenke Herrmannsen

A series of demanding drum solos that are fun to play.
Full of exciting grooves and creative solo patterns, the pieces work through various musical styles. Musicality is always at the forefront, so these solos are perfectly suited to concert and competition environments. All pieces are practically thought out, written for 5-piece drum kit, with no extras. The notation is clear and easy to read, with extra pages aiding page-turning difficulties.

SPOTLIGHTS complete:
The series of SPOTLIGHTS Vol. 1-4 plus the Audio CD in ONE book!
44 Solos with heavyweight:

17 Easy Dumset Solos
13 Medium Drumset Solos
3 Advanced Solos
5 Double Bass Drumset Solos
6 Bonus Drumset Solos

44 Drumset Solos
Text: German and English
Catalog No.: cm 60119 / ISBN 978-3-940161-18-5




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